Best Players Remaining for Pittsburgh Steelers after NFL Draft Day 1

Brian Branch, Steelers
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Defensive tackle seems like the obvious choice for Steelers

Perhaps one of the obvious choices for the Steelers on day two will be at defensive tackle. It is not a lock as many different situations could still play out, but this position seems to be as much of a lock as possible. Adding a significant boost at depth behind the two starters is something this club has been searching for all offseason. Getting better in the trenches has been a top priority and they will continue that here.

The defensive tackle class is still full of talented individuals coming into rounds two and three. Pittsburgh will likely hope to target Keeanu Benton with their pick at 49, if possible. He will be a hot commodity today, especially as we get closer to the end of the second round. Benton would be a tremendous value at that point in the draft.

Karl Brooks would be a nice fallback option if Benton is picked before that second selection of the second round. He has position flexibility and should be able to complete the tasks that Pittsburgh will demand from him.

Gervon Dexter is another name to monitor, but he would likely still be available in the third round, but that might be stretching his draft stock some. He would be a tremendous addition at nose tackle as he figures out some more pass-rush moves before becoming a starter at defensive end.