Best Players Remaining for Pittsburgh Steelers after NFL Draft Day 1

Brian Branch, Steelers
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Joey Porter Jr. makes too much sense for Steelers entering Day 2

Cornerback is going to be another need that is far more likely to get addressed today than not. It is possible that this club double dips into a couple of different secondary positions before they conclude their second day of festivities. There is an obvious choice still available heading into the second night of the draft that plenty of experts did not expect to last to this point.

Joey Porter Jr. will likely be the pick at 32 if the Steelers decide to hang onto that selection. There was another rumor entering night one that the club would feel more comfortable taking Porter at 32 rather than 17 as they needed to prioritize other issues that has to be addressed. If this club holds onto the top pick on day two, it would make a ton of sense to add Porter to this roster.

Again, the trade-back option might be too enticing to pass on and that could lead to Porter coming off the board before the Steelers pick again. They have done a lot of homework on this deep draft class at cornerback.

Some other names that could interest this club between rounds two and three could be Julius Brents, andTyrique Stevenson. This is a talented group, and this team will likely find a nice corner today.