Best remaining free agent targets for Steelers at big positions of need

Bryce Callahan, Steelers
Bryce Callahan, Steelers / Michael Hickey/GettyImages
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A veteran slot cornerback could be a great value signing by the Steelers

Another position that the Steelers will likely target early in the draft is cornerback. Cam Sutton departed the club through free agency before the Steelers officially signed Patrick Peterson. An outside cornerback seems like it will be the target, but there is a hole to fill in the coverage role at slot corner. The draft seems like a prime opportunity to add someone on the opposite side of Peterson, while free agency might be a better option to address the need in the slot.

Some interesting options are still out there for the Steelers to consider, one of those being Bryce Callahan. He has been predominantly a slot coverage guy, and that has led to a relatively successful career. Arthur Maulet could stay in his specific role and stay off the field on specific cover downs. Adding Callahan would take pressure off the draft and situate different players in a slot role that they are not privy to.

Taking a cornerback in the draft is almost a guarantee when you look at the different pro days and visits the Steelers have done. Most of the corners have been geared towards the outside options with the likes of Joey Porter Jr., Kelee Ringo, and Julius Brents on their radar. Adding someone like this veteran cornerback would be a huge boost to this secondary both as a starter and the type of depth it would create for this roster.