The best Steelers player ever to wear each jersey number still in circulation

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Jersey #40-41 Reader's Choice

Another two jerseys in which no players have really distinguished themselves to make this list. However, in 2023 David Perales (40) and Kenny Robinson (41) will give it a shot in training camp to claim thises numbers for future articles.

Jersey #42 Dick Hoak

Dick Hoak claims Jersey #42 in part because he was a good player. However, he also went on to be their running backs coach for 20 years after he retired from football. He was the only assistant coach of Chuck Noll to be retained by Bill Cowher. As a coach, the Steelers rushed for 30,000 yards. No other team in that period put up more rushing yards.

In his playing career, he had 1132 rushing attempts for 3965 yards and 25 touchdowns. He had another 146 receptions for 1452 yards. He was the multipurpose back of the ‘60s to could rush and catch. He did play in one pro bowl. Thus as his contributions as a player and coach, he will be remembered as #42 for a while.

Jerseys #43-48 Reader's Choice

Another batch of jerseys we can leave as a reader's pick for their most favorite. Except # 43 that one is unofficially retired in tribute to Troy Polamalu. Loosley, you might consider Frank Pollard for #44. Other than that, it’s left up to the reader to pick their favorites for these jersey numbers.