The best Steelers player ever to wear each jersey number still in circulation

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#60-61 Reader's Choice

Another batch of numbers that had less than memorable players wear those numbers; thus, these numbers will be left to fans to decide who they feel best identifies with these jerseys. Although in 2023, #60 will be worn by Dylan Cook, #61 by Mason Cole. We wish them luck in making their own impact to claim these jersey numbers.    

Jersey #62 Tunch Ilkin

This jersey, to date, has been immortalized by one player. That would be offensive lineman Tunch Ilkin who played from 1980-1992. He played nearly every position on the offensive line, though primarily at right tackle. He finally made the pro bowl twice in 1988-1989. He was a great offensive lineman who just happened to play on several poor teams in the ‘80s.

Jersey #63 Dermontti Dawson

This Jersey will be immortalized for a great while as it was worn by Dermontti Dawson, the Steelers eventual replacement for Mike Webster. If Mike Webster was one of the most durable centers, Dawson is a close second. He started in 181 of 184 games. Oddly only 13 fewer starts than Mike Webster. After retirement, it didn’t take long for the NFL to enshrine him at Canton.

However, before Dawson came into the league, the jersey was also worn by Ernie “Arrowhead” Holmes. One of the original four members of the Steel Curtain defense, Chuck Noll, assembled between 1969-1974. He was another tough hard, hitting defensive lineman. He just doesn't get the notoriety in part because he battled his weight, and Chuck Noll cut him after the 1976 season. Still a great old-school player.