The best Steelers player ever to wear each jersey number still in circulation

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Jersey #68 L.C. Greenwood

Perhaps another jersey that should be out of circulation is not. Yet no player to date has been able to make fans forget the player that immortalized it L.C. Greenwood. A big guy for the ‘70s, he was 6’6” and 245 lbs. His trademark was the gold shoes. He devastated offensive linemen and helped lead the Steelers to four championships. He had at least 78 sacks and 14 fumble recoveries, and probably several tipped passes. He also played in six pro bowls and was a two-time all-pro.  

Jerseys #69-71 Reader's Choice

This is another batch of numbers without any players that can easily claim the Jersey number. Keep in mind that #70 is a retired number for Ernie Stautner. In 2023 Kevin Dotson (69) and Nate Herbig (71), will do their best to make Steelers history and claim these Jerseys for themselves. We wish them well.

Jersey #72 Gerry "Moon" Mullins

Numerous players have worn the number 72, but thus far, the most remembered player is Gerry “Moon” Mullins. He was another of those great guards that played for Chuck Noll on his offensive line. His most remembered block is the one that cleared the road for Franco Harris to score a touchdown in Superbowl IX. Mullins was also recently announced as an inductee into the Steelers Hall of Honor class of 2023.