The best Steelers player ever to wear each jersey number still in circulation

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Jersey #78 Dwight White

A jersey that should be out of circulation but is not. However, it has become sort of a generational number too. Dwight White, hands down, will be the player most associated with this jersey and one of the best defensive linemen of all time. One of the original four to comprise the defensive line for the Steel Curtain in ‘70s, he helped lead the Steelers to four championships.

For those not old enough to remember the ‘70s then you may remember Alejandro Villanueva. One of the biggest players to ever play for the Steelers at 6’9” and weighing 277lbs. The Steelers made him their starting left tackle in 2015 to protect Big Ben. If Dwight White had a nasty attitude when he played, Villanueva was his offensive equivalent. He played for Army and served three tours of duty in  Afghanistan as an Army Ranger. Not a player you wanted to go up against. He caught Mike Tomlin's eye in a 2014  preseason game. Eight days after the Eagles waived Villanueva, the Steelers signed him. He became an instant fan favorite.

Jersey #79/87 Larry Brown

Only one player comes to mind here, and for two Jesery numbers: Larry Brown. He played as a tight end (#87) and offensive tackle (#79) for the Steelers from 1971-1984. From 1971-1976 he played tight end, and then in 1977, Chuk Noll converted him to right tackle, a position he then played until 1984. His efforts in both positions helped the Steelers win four titles.