The best Steelers player ever to wear each jersey number still in circulation

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Jersey #80 Jack Butler

As tempting as it would be to say Plaxico Burress should have this honor, there is one player more deserving. That player is Hall of Fame inductee Jack Butler. He had 52 interceptions with four for touchdowns in his career and played in 104 games. While he did not help win any titles for the Steelers he played in four pro-bowls and was a three-time All-Pro. Thanks to the Veterans Committee, he was finally inducted into the Hall of Fame only a year before he passed away at age 85.    

Jersey #81 Elbie Nickle

While many players have worn the jersey over the years, only one truly stands out: tight end Elbie Nickle. He played 11 seasons from 1947-1957. As a member of the Steelers he had 329 receptions for 5131 yards. Given the era he played, he averaged 15.6 yards a reception. More than Heath Miller had in his career. He also had 37 touchdowns. Nickle also played in 3 pro bowls.

He is probably one of the more underrated players in Steelers history. However, the Steelers inducted him into their Hall of Honor in the 2019 class, and distinguished himself to claim this jersey. It will take a special player to take this jersey from him.