The best Steelers player ever to wear each jersey number still in circulation

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Jersey #1 Gary Anderson

Gary Anderson lays claim to this number. He Kicked for the Steelers for 13 seasons and is perhaps one of the greatest placekickers in Steelers history if not NFL history. With the Steelers he scored 1343 points and made 309 field goals of 395 attempts. After leaving the Steelers he played another 10 seasons for a total of 23, only missing 8 games between 1983-2004.

Jersey #2 Reader's choice

The first of a few reader's choices on this list. While perhaps Mason Rudolph closely identifies with #2, others have worn it though none have been great or overly distinguished themselves. So at this point, the reader can pick who they like for #2.

Jersey #3 Jeff Reed

Another difficult decision to make only because no names jump out. However, you must give the nod to Jeff Reed, the Steelers placekicker from 2002-2010. Reed was another strong leg and could splice the uprights regularly. He made 213 field goals scoring 259 points in his career. A far cry from Andersons’ 1343 points. Still, Steelers fans could count on Reed to make the winning kick when necessary.

Jersey #4-5 Reader's choice

Another reader's choice category to choose your favorite player. No single player really distinguishes themselves at number 4. Though you could call it a tie between Jordan Berry, Byron Leftwich, and Josh Miller. At number # 5  it’s a toss-up between Craig Colquitt and Terry Hanratty. Both have merit, but neither really seems to be a clear-cut candidate for the jersey.