The best Steelers player ever to wear each jersey number still in circulation

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Jersey #96 Ziggy Hood

Only one player had a career long enough to distinguish himself for this jersey. For this jersey belonged to Ziggy Hood. He is not the most memorable player of all time, and some consider him a draft bust too, but of all players to wear #96 he had the longest career. He finished his career with the Steelers with 14.0 sacks and 140 combined tackles. Nothing Stellar, but until someone else comes along, he is the most notable to wear this jersey.

Jersey # 97 Cam Heyward

Another no-brainer for this Jersey. It belongs to Cam Heyward and will for a long time. Another number that should be retired after use; we will see what happens. Mike Tomlin drafted Cam in the first round in 2011, and he was the son of Craig “Iron Head” Heyward.

With Heyward, it’s not he is one of the top 10 Steelers defensive linemen of all time, it’s more of where you rank him? But that’s an article for another day. In 12 seasons, he has amassed 78.5 sacks, 614 combined tackles, eight forced fumbles, seven fumble recoveries, and even two interceptions. Also, add six pro bowls and a three-time all-pro. The only thing missing from his resume is a ring. Maybe he gets one before he retires.