The best Steelers player ever to wear each jersey number still in circulation

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Jersey #9 Chris Boswell

There have been a few players to wear this jersey, but far and away, you would have to honor Chris Boswell. His tenure of six seasons is the longest of any player. Furthermore, he holds the Steelers record for the longest field goal and is perhaps the most accurate kicker in Steelers history. If not, then certainly the most accurate in Heinz Field (dang you Accrisure).

Jersey #10 Kordell Stewart

Many players have wore number 10, but almost none stand out. However, you must give props to Kordell Stewart. He never panned out as a quarterback the way we hoped, but in his rookie season, he took the NFL by storm as slash. No, not the guitarist from Guns and Roses, but because he was a quarterback/wide receiver/running back. The Steelers used him in almost any trick play they could think of in every game except in Superbowl XXX, another Steelers mystery.  

It's not that he was a bad quarterback; he just never could seal the deal. He was a great rusher and rushed for 2561 yards and 35 touchdowns. Still, he just could not get the Steelers to the Superbowl; thus, the Steelers turned to Tommy Maddox and drafted Big Ben.