The best Steelers player ever to wear each jersey number still in circulation

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Jerseys # 11-15 Readers Choice

In this group, # 12 is unofficially retired for Terry Bradshaw, and the rest do not have a player that stands out for the remaining jersey numbers. Thus, you can review the Steelers media guide and select the best player for these jerseys.

Jersey # 16 Len Dawson/Mark Malone

This number, for now, is best known for two players who wore it decades ago. In 1957-1959 Len Dawson wore it for the Steelers when they drafted him 5th overall in 1957. He sat on the bench for three years with the Steelers, only starting one game. As the Steelers did they traded him to Cleveland in 1960.

The Browns then cut Len Dawson in 1961. Then he tried his luck in the new AFL. He signed with Dallas then the team moved to Kansas City. His career changed with the Chiefs. In 14 seasons with the Chiefs passed for 28,711 yards, won a Superbowl and Superbowl MVP, played in 7 pro bowls finally landed in Canton after his career ended.

If Len Dawson is the best player to wear #16, then Mark Malone falls to the other end of the spectrum, being one of the worst players to wear that Jersey, thus tying him to it for now. In his seven seasons with the Steelers he threw for 54 touchdowns but 68 interceptions. He finished his career with the Steelers with a record of 21-24. Those were dark days for Steelers fans old enough to remember them.