The best Steelers player ever to wear each jersey number still in circulation

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Jersey #37 Carnell Lake

Another number was worn by many players. However, the best to wear is Carnell Lake, the safety that played from 1989 to 1998. Carnell Lake did not get the accoladed Rod Woodson got as a defensive back, but he was a heck of a player.

He played for the Steelers for 10 seasons and finished with 16 interceptions and three for touchdowns. He played in five pro bowls and was a 1-time all-pro. His talent and Rod Woods were a reason the Steelers ended up in Superbowl XXX. As a result, the Steelers did put him in the Hall of Honor as a member of the 2021 class.

Jersey # 38 Reader's Choice

Another jersey in which no one rises to the top. Although you could take your pick of Tim Worley from 1989-1991 or Sidney Thorton from 1977-1981. Thorton, of anyone, probably deserves it more as he played on two Superbowl teams. Worley only claims the jersey as he was a huge bust. let’s leave this one up to the reader.

Jersey #39 Minkah Fitzpatrick

This one could have gone a few different ways, but in the end, you must go with Minkah Fitzpatrick. He has been the most successful player to date to wear this jersey. After being drafted number one by the Dolphins in 2018, the Steelers traded a number one draft choice for him. We don't know why the Dolphins let him go for that well, but it was a genius trade by the Steelers.

Fitzpatrick, in four seasons, has 17 interceptions and three for a touchdown, along with four fumble recoveries. Selected to three Pro Bowls, he has also been a three-time All-Pro. He is slowly but surely cementing his legacy as one of the best safeties in Steelers history.