Biggest disappointments from Steelers training camp

  • Former first-rounders not matching the hype
  • A fan favorite has some limitations

Steelers, Steelers training camp
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As much as we would only like to hear glowing reviews, Steelers training camp isn't all sunshine and rainbows. Every year, there are players who put on spectacular performances and look to be a cut above the rest. At the same time, others leave a lot to be desired.

I spent several days in Latrobe to observe Steelers training camp practices firsthand -- taking notes along the way. Pittsburgh's roster has plenty of players to get you excited for the upcoming NFL season, but there are several players who I was not impressed with. Early reports from training camp suggest that their struggles began before I was able to view them in person. Here are the biggest disappointments at Steelers camp this year.

Najee Harris hasn't stood out among Steelers running backs

I would be remiss if I talked about disappointing performances at Steelers training camp and didn't mention Najee Harris. Forget his former draft status for a moment. If you made the trip to Saint Vincent College knowing nothing about any running back on the team, you would never think that Najee was a former first-round pick.

Not only has Harris not been the most impressive running back on the team, but you could certainly make the case that he has been third in line behind Jaylen Warren and Anthony McFarland Jr. (who are both having strong camps). This obviously doesn't mean that things will look the same during the regular season, but the struggles are worth noting.

When I observed Najee firsthand at Steelers training camp, he struggled to muster up any big plays on the ground and didn't make much happen as a receiver. This included a concentration drop that could have gone for good yardage in 7-on-7s.

Harris could very well take a leap forward in year three and look like the best running back on the team during the 2023 season, but that has not been the case so far. The Steelers will limit his usage in the coming weeks in an effort to keep him fresh, but Harris needs to show some signs of life in the backfield.