Biggest disappointments from Steelers training camp

  • Former first-rounders not matching the hype
  • A fan favorite has some limitations

Steelers, Steelers training camp
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Danell Washington doesn't look like a receiving threat

Darnell Washington certainly looks the part when you see him up close. The mammoth tight end is 6'7'' and weighed in at 270 pounds at this Georgia Pro Day, but Daniel Jeremiah is convinced he is up in the 290 lbs range. This isn't hard to believe when you see him play.

While Washington has been excellent as a blocker so far at Steelers camp, his receiving ability leaves a lot to be desired. One thing that jumped out to me after watching him in person is that his movements are a bit lumbering. This wasn't totally unexpected after watching his Georgia film, but I was hoping to see a bit more fluidity from him on passing downs.

Instead, Washington struggles to create separation in and out of his breaks and always seems to have a linebacker or safety in his hip pocket. Because of his long legs and massive frame, this could always prove to be a struggle for him. Though he has build-up speed to win down the seam, Washington doesn't offer much as a route runner.

It's as plain as day that Washington is well behind a player like Pat Freiermuth in terms of his overall receiving ability. This certainly isn't to say that he won't be worth the pick and this is more or less what we already knew, but Washington could be a bit limited as a receiver in the NFL.