Biggest disappointments from Steelers training camp

  • Former first-rounders not matching the hype
  • A fan favorite has some limitations

Steelers, Steelers training camp
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Broderick Jones doesn't look ready to start

I can't say this is all that surprising, but I was hopeful that this wouldn't be the case. Despite his freakish talent, we knew that Broderick Jones was an incredibly raw player coming out of Georgia. The former five-star recruit had just one full year of starting experience in 2022 and was a part-time player prior to that -- sitting behind guys like Andrew Thomas and Jamaree Salyer his first two years.

Still, after stringing together quality tape and testing as a 95th percentile athlete, according to his Relative Athletic Score, we had hoped that Jones would be a bit further along by now. Unfortunately, he has proven over the first several weeks of training camp that he isn't ready to start at this point in time.

As I observed Jones in Latrobe for Steelers training camp, it's clear that he still has some technical issues that need to be addressed and refinement that needs to take place. On running downs, I thought Jones looked really impressive with his ability to seal defensive linemen or to get to the second level. However, Broderick's technique in pass sets is sloppy and he's lunging too often.

We know the 14th overall pick will get it soon enough, but for now, he hasn't shown what he needs to in order to unseat Dan Moore Jr. for the starting left tackle position. Jones is a huge part of the future game plan, but his lack of progress so far has been a bit disappointing.

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