Biggest takeaways from Steelers OTAs as football starts again

The Steelers have started their OTAs and things seem to be going to plan. Pittsburgh has provided a preview of potential things to come.
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OTAs mark the start of the preseason process. It also provides an odd time for teams as they are also at the tail end of the offseason process. They still have plenty of time devoted to upgrading their roster heading into training camp. Plenty of free agents and trade partners are looking for conclusions, but OTAs mark the beginning of football returning.

The Steelers have kept everyone interested this offseason after they were busy adding and subtracting players from their roster. OTAs provide some possibilities of what the coaches could see happening at certain spots on the depth chart once the training camp rolls around. Everything at OTAs should be taken with a grain of salt, but it could show some cards in the deck.

The Steelers offensive tackle situation could get messy

Most will keep a close eye on the situation at offensive tackle. Right now, it seems like the Steelers will have Dan Moore Jr. as the starter at left tackle to begin training camp. Broderick Jones is alternating between both sides, so they are flirting with benching Moore. Troy Fautanu has been strictly on the right side, so if Moore is benched it's because the Steelers are comfortable starting Fautanu at right tackle.

Justin Fields will have some sort of role on Pittsburgh's offense

Everyone wants to see the quarterbacks this year as Russell Wilson and Justin Fields enter the fold. Fields has been outspoken about competing for the starting job, but it seems fairly likely that Wilson will hold that role barring some sort of collapse. Fields will have a role on offense this season, we just don't know what that looks like yet. He could be an option player who comes onto the field with Wilson. It will be interesting to see what the Steelers do with Fields in training camp.

Cole Holcomb injury update remains dull at Steelers' OTAs

Mike Tomlin provided an update on Cole Holcomb during the start of OTAs. It certainly doesn't sound promising that he will be ready for the regular season. He may remain out for a significant chunk of the 2024 season or beyond. Tomlin reiterated that Holcomb is doing his best to get back from this injury, but it takes time. The Steelers added a ton of inside linebackers this offseason, and some have speculated that Holcomb could be a surprise cut if his future in football comes into question.

Donte Jackson is still seen as an outside Cornerback on defense

The Steelers added Donte Jackson in the Diontae Johnson trade this offseason. He has been a serviceable starter in the past and is one of Tomlin's favorites. Jackson was projected as an outside starter, but some thought he could play in the slot. The Steelers see him as an outside cornerback and that has shown at OTAs. Expect Jackson to be the starter opposite of Joey Porter Jr., unless something significant happens. Pittsburgh will need to find an upgrade at slot cornerback elsewhere.

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