Bold Predictions for the Steelers in Free Agency: Who Stays and Who Goes in 2024?

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Pittsburgh is actually in pretty good shape when it comes to the number of free agents that are scheduled to be eligible to leave the team this offseason. The Steelers only have 13 players who are scheduled to have their contracts expire after this year, but that can always change between now and when free agency begins in about two months.

Cap space is not a great place right now for Pittsburgh, but Omar Khan and the company will have plenty of options to expand their spending cash after this season concludes. None of the pending free agents are going to cost much to re-sign, so that is a manageable situation. It will be interesting to see how the black and gold figure out different ways to get some of their free agents back and some outside options in the door too.

Kwon Alexander: Decides to stay with the Steelers in Free Agency

Kwon Alexander was a late addition to the team towards the end of the pre-season process with Pittsburgh. He was a tremendous addition at a reasonable price. Unfortunately for both parties, neither got to see Alexander play an entire season. Both Cole Holcomb and Alexander were lost to the season in back-to-back weeks.

Alexander was signed to a one-year deal and wanted to try and have a great year to cash in on another big contract. That did not happen and it's more likely than not that both parties might try and redo this relationship again. Both might benefit from another short-term deal that could benefit both parties in the long run with a healthy linebacker group intact.

Expect the Steelers to be working on a one or two-year contract with Alexander when the season reaches its conclusion. He should not cost too much, and both he and Holcomb should be able to return to form after fully recovering from their injuries. Again, both parties will likely work on a deal that should benefit both sides.