Bold Predictions for the Steelers in Free Agency: Who Stays and Who Goes in 2024?

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Mason Rudolph: Goes to a team that needs a starting quarterback option

Over the past several weeks, Mason Rudolph has become a phenomenon since being named the starter for the Steelers for now. He went from being the emergency third-string quarterback to someone who has turned the offensive production around in recent weeks. He has played less than a month, but in a league that is starved for quarterbacks, he is in line for a raise.

Plenty of teams are desperate to find a starting quarterback this offseason, and the Steelers are one of those clubs. Rudolph has been in Pittsburgh throughout his career, but he has constantly looked outside the organization to try and find a better opportunity. With his recent success, he might have some more options that were not present in years prior.

The upcoming draft class of quarterbacks should be strong and they should fill up the first round. For those who do miss out on some of the bigger names in either free agency or the draft, they could always look at an affordable bridge option like Rudolph. He has shown to be a reliable option that can help get some wins, and also a player that can be comfortable in a backup role.

Maybe if the second-string spot was cemented in Rudolph's favor and a real competition for Rudolph for Pickett's starting spot then Rudolph could re-sign. There could be better opportunities out there for Rudolph this offseason. The Denver Broncos are a team to watch out for as they don't have any first-round picks this year, but they will be looking for a proven veteran quarterback option.