Bold Predictions for the Steelers in Free Agency: Who Stays and Who Goes in 2024?

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Levi Wallace: Goes to a contender this offseason to battle for a starting spot

Levi Wallace has his contract expire after this season, which he signed during free agency a couple of years ago. Since joining the club, it has not been a marriage made in Heaven. He was chosen to stick around as a starter over Ahkello Witherspoon this past offseason. Both signed similar deals during their respective free agency periods.

It was not a wise decision as Witherspoon has played far better this season with the LA Rams than Wallace has done with Pittsburgh. One of the toughest things to overcome in the NFL nowadays, especially in the secondary is lack of speed. Wallace has never been a speed guy, and his fit with the Steelers has continuously fallen apart.

Joey Porter Jr. has become the unquestioned top cornerback on defense, but Wallace is the only option as the second starter due to injuries. Free agency is going to be big for the black and gold as they try and find creative ways to upgrade over someone like Wallace. Perhaps free agency will be the way to go, but investing more money in defense would be a bold choice.

For a contender who is searching for a cheap veteran starting cornerback, Wallace will be someone who gains interest. Maybe somewhere like Buffalo will make some sense. He signed with the Steelers after playing his first four years with the Bills. No matter where he goes, it is time both he and the Steelers finally move on from one another.

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