Breaking down every route Steelers could take in the 1st round of the NFL Draft

Georgia tight end Darnell Washington (0)
Georgia tight end Darnell Washington (0) / Joshua L. Jones / USA TODAY NETWORK
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The Steelers seem intent on moving around a bit in this draft, and given the location of their picks, that makes sense. Pick 17 is in a weird spot, as it might be just far enough away to miss out on the top tackles and cornerbacks given the teams in front of them. This team may want to move up or out of that pick.

While more likely a trade-down candidate, pick 32 could also be used to get back into the first round. It wouldn’t cost much to move up to the end of the first round if there is a prospect that they want to secure. With all of this opportunity for trades, I’ve created a shortlist of potential draft picks if the Steelers were to stay pat at 17, move up, move back, and trade up into the end of the first round.

What happens if Steelers trade up from pick 32?

This seems like the least likely scenario on day one, but a small move-up would make sense if there is a prospect that the team likes who slips into the late 20s. More than likely, this would be targeting one of the second wave of tackles, but they could also look to land a unique threat for the offense.

Dawand Jones, OT, Ohio State

One of the bigger risers during the draft process, Dawand Jones looked impressive in the limited work that he has done. A huge tackle with incredible reach, Jones fits the mold of a road grader that this team is seemingly building their offensive line around.

Jones comes with some risks. Players his size have historically struggled in the pros, and Jones has shown a lack of willingness to test during the pre-draft process. I wouldn’t be a fan of taking him that early, but a small trade-up would make sense if the team wants to secure him late.

Anton Harrison, OT, Oklahoma

While Anton Harrison is less impressive than the aforementioned Jones, he is a fine prospect for an offense that wants to be pass-heavy. He doesn’t have elite size but knows how to hold his own when protecting a quarterback. He lacks the physicality in his run blocking, which limits his potential.

The Steelers have shown some interest in Harrison even though he doesn’t seemingly fit the mold of what this team wants in their line. If they miss out on a tackle at pick 17, Harrison can be a fine consolation prize, even if it requires a small trade-up.

Darnell Washington, TE, Georgia

This would be a major shock, but the Steelers have shown a lot of interest in Georgia Tight End Darnell Washington. The mammoth tight end is already an established blocker and has the traits to be an elite receiver.

I would be shocked to see the team go after Washington with a first-round pick, but if this team wants to be a more grounded and smashmouth offense, Washington fits that bill. He is a physical freak and would provide this offense with another big threat for Kenny Pickett.