Breaking down every route Steelers could take in the 1st round of the NFL Draft

Georgia tight end Darnell Washington (0)
Georgia tight end Darnell Washington (0) / Joshua L. Jones / USA TODAY NETWORK
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What if the Steelers stay at pick 17?

I’d argue the most likely scenario for the Steelers is a 50/50 chance that they move up or stay pat. Assuming they stay at pick 17, there should be quite a few intriguing names that they could select. These three stick out as the most likely if they don’t move at all.

Broderick Jones, OT, Georgia

One of the most obvious targets for the Steelers in this draft class, Broderick Jones is the classic first-round pick for the team. The team was all over Georgia during their pro day and has met with Jones multiple times. He has the size and length that they want in a tackle and has the upside to be an elite left tackle.

Jones has some impressive tape, but he lacks the experience that others in this class have. The Steelers seem fine with their tackles overall, and while they may want to land a blue-chip prospect, they could let Jones develop if need be. With some development, Jones could be the best tackle in this class.

Joey Porter, CB, Penn State

The easiest prospect to connect back to the Steelers, Joey Porter has all of the traits you want in a modern outside cornerback. He has great athleticism and length to go along with premiere height. Porter lacks some experience as a prospect, but that is because teams often didn’t target him.

The team has shown their usual level of high interest in Porter. From his father's ties with the team to him being a stereotypical prospect this team covets, Porter makes as much sense as any to be their top pick. He will be a tempting name if he lasts to pick 17.

Darnell Wright, OT, Tennessee

A late riser in the process, Darnell Wright was always seen as a fringe first-round pick. He has some great tape against some of the nation’s best pass rushers. He was dominant at times in a tough SEC, and he was always viewed as an early-round prospect because of it. There were some questions with his athleticism and length had some people questioning if he could stay at tackle.

He has put a lot of those doubts to rest, as he has adequate length and plus athleticism. I’m still not convinced that he can play the left side. Even if he can only play on the right side, Wright should still be a sound player and a worthy selection to continue upgrading this offensive line.