Business is not booming for Antonio Brown as incidents continue with his area team

Steelers, Antonio Brown
Steelers, Antonio Brown / Cindy Ord/GettyImages

There isn't a headline we could see involving Antonio Brown that would surprise us anymore. Ever since the former Steelers star forced his way out of Pittsburgh, the laundry list of antics continues to pile up even further.

Brown has been in multiple run-ins with the law, and the latest report from TMZ doesn't bode well for him either. Brown is the majority owner of the arena football team, Albany Empire. After making a scene and flaunting his status in front of security staff a few weeks back, Brown is now allegedly refusing to pay his coaches and players.

According to the TMZ report, Brown made violent threats toward his ex-head coach and locked players out of their hotel rooms. Head coach Damon Ware and quarterback Sam Castronova were furious with Brown in the interactions they have had with him -- Ware calling this situation a 'hostile takeover' and saying that Brown is a 'nightmare to work with'.

To make matters worse, Antonio Brown is accused of not paying his coaches and players their salaries. The report suggests that players have gone weeks without their paychecks.

Former Steelers WR Antonio Brown is at it again

Antonio Brown seems to be burning not only every bridge but also every opportunity for a fresh start. During his playing career after leaving the Pittsburgh Steelers, his personality became so hard to manage that the Raiders, Patriots, and Buccaneers gave up on him all in a matter of months.

Brown had the makings of a future Hall of Fame receiver, and it's still possible that he could earn that status. However, his reputation will forever be tarnished among owners, players, coaches, and the media.

His latest antics just confirm what we already know about his character. Obviously, there are two sides to every story and we don't know all of the details. But this is just another bad look among dozens of incidents the former Steelers receiver has had over the years.

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