Byron Leftwich has reportedly reached out to the Steelers about a coaching job

Is Byron Leftwich trying to get his foot in the door to replace Matt Canada?
Steelers, Byron Leftwich
Steelers, Byron Leftwich / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

The Pittsburgh Steelers may have found a bizarre way to emerge victorious against the Baltimore Ravens in Week 5, but they have just as many questions about their offense as ever before. From the very first drive of the game that ended in a punt, the packed crowd at Acrisure Stadium roared with boos, and later, a 'Fire Canada' chant broke out.

It's not hard to see why fans are calling for Matt Canada to lose his job. The offensive coordinator has been greatly underwhelming since becoming the OC back in 2021. Somehow, things have gotten worse each year.

Currently, the Steelers are managing a dismal 12.4 points per game (if you take away defensive and special teams scores). It's remarkable that they are finding ways to win, but it's in spite of Canada; not because of him.

The offensive coordinator problem is easy to see to everyone outside of the organization, including former Steelers QB and five-year NFL offensive coordinator, Byron Leftwich.

Recently, Leftwich reached out to the Pittsburgh Steelers about a job, according to a report from Mark Kaboly of The Athletic.

The job he asked about was an offensive consultant. Though we don't have an exact description of what this would entail, we would assume that this would be an offensive coach who would work closely with Matt Canada -- perhaps on the in-game script or with route concepts. The Steelers apparently have not gotten back to him about his request.

The Steelers already have an offensive assistant coach in Glen Thomas -- who they hired this past offseason. However, it doesn't seem to be helping much.

Leftwich has a connection with the Steelers

Of course, this could be Leftwich's way of getting his foot in the door. He knows that he has a past connection with Coach Tomlin and the organization. Leftwich is out of work now, but he does have a strong resume working as the offensive coordinator with former Steelers OC Bruce Arians. He was with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 2019 to 2022, which included a Super Bowl victory with QB Tom Brady at the helm.

At this point the Steelers have been bitten by so many 'internal' hires that they may need to think completely outside of the box. Someone from the Kyle Shannahan coaching tree seems like a great way to go in today's NFL.

It's unclear how much longer Matt Canada will keep his job. Byron Leftwich is a name that has floated around the organization as a possible OC hire. Leftwich is clearly interested in getting his foot in the door, but the Pittsburgh Steelers may not have any interest in his services at this time.