Cameron Heyward valiantly defends Steelers QB Kenny Pickett during Radio Row

Cam Heyward insists that Kenny Pickett needs more time, but many fans are already out on the Steelers quarterback.

Pittsburgh Steelers, Cameron Heyward, Kenny Pickett
Pittsburgh Steelers, Cameron Heyward, Kenny Pickett / Joe Sargent/GettyImages

We are in the thick of Super Bowl Radio Row as we prepare for the biggest game on turf this weekend. In addition to the Chiefs and 49ers players being available to the media, hundreds of current and former NFL players are on hand in Las Vegas for this week's festivities -- including Pittsburgh Steelers All-Pro, Cameron Heyward.

Heyward was interviewed by Scott Ferrall of SportsGrid Radio where the host insisted that Kenny Pickett needs more time to prove himself. Heyward agreed. Here's what he had to say.

"It's tough, the scrutiny already for quarterbacks, it's insane because you'll get guys that have never played talking about how a quarterback should be this. And then if they're not Pat Mahomes as soon as they step on the field, you're inconsistent; you're not the guy. But I think there is growth... I don't think we award people the growth in our league enough. I think there's time to keep improving. I think Kenny can be a heck of a quarterback in this league." "

Cameron Heyward, via SportsGrid Radio

Heyward noted that he thinks there has been growth in Pickett's game and that there is time to keep improving. But many in the Steelers fanbase might think it's a stretch that Pickett could be 'a heck of a quarterback' in the NFL.

Heyward's response is exactly what we would expect from a Steelers leader

Cameron Heyward has earned three First-Team All-Pro honors and six Pro Bowls in his lengthy NFL career, and there's no question that he's hoping for a different type of hardware before he hangs up his cleats. Heyward was drafted the April after the Steelers saw their last Super Bowl appearance, and he want to take part in a Super Bowl of his own.

While Heyward may very well believe that Kenny Pickett could help the Steelers take the next step, he could just be saying what any good veteran leader would say in this instance. We all can agree that it must be insanely difficult to play quarterback at the NFL level, but we also can see that Pickett just doesn't possess the same skill set as many of the top quarterbacks in the league.

The question with Pickett has always come down to upside. Even if he reaches his potential, what does that look like? How far can you go with a QB who has a pedestrian arm and doesn't make a lot of big plays down the field?

Hope is certainly fading, as Pickett has recorded just 13 touchdowns and 13 interceptions in 25 career games (24 starts), per Pro Football Reference. Pickett currently boasts a 14-10 record, but he turns 26 years old before his third NFL training camp and has a career passer rating of just 78.8.

Apparently, Cameron Heyward hasn't given up on him yet, but something tells me that the Pittsburgh Steelers defensive lineman wouldn't turn away a player who could help improve the QB position if the front office were to seek outside help during the 2024 offseason.