The contagious Mike Tomlin 'Standard' has everyone wanting to play for the Steelers

Pittsburgh's new acquisitions are ready to run through a brick wall for Coach Tomlin.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens
Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens / Rob Carr/GettyImages

The famous notion that buzzes around Pittsburgh continues to be “The Standard is the Standard”. The man who carries those words and epitomizes the player’s coach persona is Head Coach Mike Tomlin. Across the NFL, players flock to the Steel City knowing they will be in the presence of a man who continues to set the standard for elite player capability and expectation.

The most recent signings of Russell Wilson, Patrick Queen, and DeShon Elliott echo the notion that Mike Tomlin is a player’s coach and one that players continue to see a cultural and inspirational shift where dedication, respect, family, and next-man-up mentality are the building blocks of success for the Steel City’s fanbase.

Locker room presence is everything in terms of maintaining electric energy or spark for a team’s determination to put their absolute best on the field. Voices that carry the Tomlin Standard into the locker room are notably TJ Watt, Cameron Heyward, and Minkah Fitzpatrick. There is an edge and sense of grit when Tomlin speaks to his players. 

Watt always mentions the intensity of team meetings and the value of the content and wisdom that Tomlin provides to his players behind those doors. The veteran players guide their younger teammates into a world of Tomlinisms such as “Two dogs, one bone”, “Don’t blink or I’ll cut your eyelids off”, and most notably, “The Standard is the Standard”.

Pittsburgh is a city that solely continues to rise to the occasion when it comes to playing to the last whistle and Tomlin carries that mentality on and off the field. 

Everyone wants to play for Mike Tomlin

With the recent acquisition of QB Russell Wilson, the veteran QB instantly mentioned the excitement of playing for Head Coach Mike Tomlin. For a QB who has been under the wings of Pete Carroll and Sean Payton (both exceptional coaches), it seems as though Russell Wilson is ready for a different style of leadership.

There is a great amount of respect for coaches who can make a lasting impression and connection with their players. Tomlin continues to do that with players from rival divisional opponents such as the Baltimore Ravens in the signing of Patrick Queen.

DeShon Elliott from the Miami Dolphins also showcased his excitement and admiration for the Steelers Head Coach. Through learning the Pittsburgh way from veteran players in the locker room, Mike Tomlin surely has a large fan base outside of Pittsburgh. 

Mike Tomlin carries the player’s coach mentality off the field as well, continuing to pave the way for young players to understand the importance of community, resilience, and determination. Life lessons can be utilized on and off the field, but to see the growth and respect that players obtain under Tomlin, that is something that can be carried on throughout life. The player’s coach is not just a job, but a presence that spreads throughout the entire world of sports for all to analyze and admire.

As we continue with the off-season, one can only hope that Pittsburgh will unleash a new age of Tomlinisms and players who genuinely are ready to adapt and learn of the Tomlin Standard.