Controversy brews as Steelers fans clash on Russell Wilson signing

Steelers fans are divided on whether or not Russell Wilson fixes the quarterback position.

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We all want the same thing: a seventh Lombardi Trophy for the Pittsburgh Steelers. But the means of getting to the final destination looks very different to Steelers fans.

When the news broke that Russell Wilson was signing with Pittsburgh, many fans rejoiced, while others shook their head at the move. Meanwhile, other fans still believe that Kenny Pickett will be the starting quarterback for the 2024 season and that Wilson will be the backup.

It's hard to argue with the price the Steelers paid to acquire the nine-time Pro Bowl quarterback. After the Broncos were forced to eat millions in cap space not to have him on their roster, Wilson signed with Pittsburgh on a one-year deal for the veteran minimum ($1.2 million).

However, like many big moves the Steelers' front office makes, the decision to sign the 35-year-old veteran quarterback was met with both praise and controversy by the fanbase. Fans, writers, and media personnel took to social media to share their thoughts on the decision.

'Low cost' Russell Wilson signing doesn't come without a cost for Steelers

There are plenty of schools of thought here and arguments to be made on both sides. The pros for signing Russell Wilson are pretty to see. He will be an instant upgrade over Kenny Pickett, he has loads of playoff experience (including a Super Bowl win), and he had twice as many touchdown passes in 2023 (26) as Kenny Pickett does in his NFL career (13).

At the same time, Wilson's numbers last year don't tell the whole story. Despite earning a 98.0 passer rating, much of his work came in garbage time or when the game was out of reach. It's also worth noting that he threw just 5.8 percent of passes over the middle of the field, according to The Athletic NFL.

Because of his age and recent sample of play, Wilson is likely a stop-gap fix at best. What's sad is that Pittsburgh's Super Bowl odds did not increase after it was reported that he was signing with the Steelers.

The biggest thing to consider here is that, while Wilson comes at a low price of just $1.2 million for the 2023 season, it could cost this team another season. Is Wilson the QB who is going to take Pittsburgh back to the Super Bowl?

If the answer is no, and this team once again falls well short in the playoffs, we could look back on this signing as just another wasted year for the Steelers. The sad reality is that -- unless Omar Khan and Mike Tomlin are willing to fork up to find a franchise quarterback -- they are going to be stuck in limbo.

We will see how this whole thing plays out. Maybe Russell Wilson will prove doubters wrong or maybe he will prove that he doesn't have it anymore. Either way, you won't find the Steelers fanbase united by this decision.