Could Steelers 2024 draft class be an all-time great for Pittsburgh?

Omar Khan heard Art Rooney II loud and clear. He is transforming the Steelers into a championship calibur team.
Feb 28, 2023; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers general manager Omar Khan during the NFL
Feb 28, 2023; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers general manager Omar Khan during the NFL / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Steelers 2024 draft ended in the 6th round as they had no 7th round selection in 2024, although they had two 6th round selections. Within the draft they managed to address all of their weak spots either in a major or minor way. The strategy in the draft was to make the Steelers Superbowl contenders again.

Art Rooney's post-2023 season directive was clear: the team must reclaim its winning status in the playoffs. But Omar Khan raised the bar even higher, stating that mere playoff victories are insufficient. The team's ultimate goal is to secure another championship title.

So, what does Omar Khan do? At the start of free agency he finds the two most talented quarterbacks on the market at the cheapest possible price for the Steelers. Then he drafts the right personnel to help help the quaterbacks lead the Steelers to another title. 

Could the 2024 Steelers draft class be an all-time great?

In 1969, Chuck Noll had the same task of taking a bunch of laughable NFL losers and turning them into an NFL dynasty. In 1974, he acquired the final four pieces he needed to the Steelers into a dynasty, with four of the first five selections ending their career in Canton.

It’s too early to predict that any of this year's draftees will be that good, not to say they couldn’t. However, the players drafted do not need to be Hall of Fame candidates to put the 2024 draft class on Par with that of 1974.

All they need to do is be good enough to transform the Steelers into credible Title contenders. The Steeler, while having a solid defense, plugged one hole in free agency, being Patrick Queen. Then, to bolster Queen’s signing, they draft Payton Wilson, the linebacker, from North Carolina State with their compensatory selection at 98. Plus, Nick Herbig could reach the next level this season, which allows the Steeler's quarterbacks to always stay in a position to win games.

To allow the Steelers offense to be more competitive, they added one, not two, but three offensive linemen, Troy Fautanu, who will start at right Tackle. Plus, Fautanu is a guy. When you look at him, you say, yeah, he's a Pittsburgh Steelers for sure. Then the Steelers get Zach Frazier, one of the best centers in the draft. Considering the Steelers success in drafting centers and possibly the next great NFL  center

With the Steelers' 119th selection, they added another interior offensive lineman, Mason McCormick, who will play guard. Hence, the Steelers now have more depth and versatility with McCormick and Fautanu. Then, while Omar Khan was at it, he gave his quarterbacks an excellent new weapon named Roman Wilson, the wide receiver who easily could have been a second-rounder if not for the depth of wide receivers in the class.

How these selections could harvest championships

Whether it’s Justin Fields or Russell Wilson, they both have talent. Even if they are average and not great quarterbacks, history has shown that even an average quarterback can occasionally win a Superbowl title when he has the right players around him. Of course, the Steelers' running backs benefit from the offensive line additions, making things easier for the quarterbacks.

We may not discuss the 2024 draft class being as good with the number of Hall of Famers as their 1974 draft. 2024, though, could be compared to the 1974 draft class in terms of the success they bring in future post-season games.

Mike Tomlin always manages to get the best from his players. With the additions the Steelers have already made, there is no reason to doubt Mike Tomlin's ability to keep having winning seasons.