Deciphering if the Steelers should target some of the Titans' recent cap casualties

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Zach Cunningham could be a solid starting addition to the Steelers if he is healthy

Another interesting player that could provide some starting experience to the linebacker room is Zach Cunningham. He was just cut by Tennessee with a failed physical designation, which should peak some concerns with the Steelers. He joined the Titans in 2021 after being put on waivers by the Houston Texans. Pittsburgh did not put in a claim for the linebacker during that time.

Thus far in his young career, this player has been a productive linebacker in the NFL. The issue with him is the injury bug has struck often recently. His release was from two reasons, which included injury problems that arose and the high cap number that he brought with him. Cunningham could be an interesting addition as your second starting option at middle linebacker if he is healthy.

The Steelers did show pre-draft interest in this player when he was coming out of the 2017 NFL Draft.  Cunningham would be an interesting choice to join the defense as long as he is healthy, which the Titans claim he is not. The failed physical cost him a spot with the Titans after being on injured reserve before that due to an elbow injury. If his health checks out and a legit number-one linebacker joins the team, this signing would make a lot of sense.