Don't overthink it, the Steelers need to trade back still

Kentucky Wildcats quarterback Will Levis
Kentucky Wildcats quarterback Will Levis / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Steelers had some great luck with how their draft board fell last night. Despite teams having similar needs in front of them, they paid a small price to move up and grab their guy. The Jets having moved back proved to be a big save for the team, as it allowed them to get hopped at pick 14.

The end of the draft also fell favorably for the Steelers, as they have a slew of top names available at pick 32. From names of obvious interest such as Joey Porter and Brian Branch, this team has a slew of top names available to them. Despite this surplus of talent, the team needs to trade back.

Steelers could get a ransom for pick 32

During any given draft class, the top pick in the second round always has a lot of value. Players that fell out of the first round quickly get gobbled up, so teams will be willing to move up for those perceived blue-chip prospects.

This year is different though, as two quarterbacks are available for teams to take. The most notable name is Will Levis. The Kentucky quarterback was perceived as a top name in this class given his athletic traits, and it was a shock to see him fall out of the first round.

There are still quarterback-needy teams in the league, and they may be willing to pay up to land Levis early in the draft. Pittsburgh has also made it known that they are willing to shop pick 32. They should be calling and trying to make a deal with a quarterback-needy team.

From moving down a few spots with the Lions or Raiders and getting a few mid-round picks to maybe looking for a massive deal with a team like the Vikings, there should be some options to move back. Yes, that means you may miss out on one of these top names, but this roster is filled with holes and needs more shots at taking players in this draft.

While I was all for their trade-up to land a top tackle, that leaves the Steelers with only two seventh-round picks on day three of this draft. Sure, Kevin Dotson could get dealt, but even then, the Steelers would be wise to get the most out of their top pick in the second round.

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Though there are some talented names still on the board, the Steelers should be looking to trade back and recoup as much value for this pick as possible. They need more ammo to fill holes, and while it may mean missing out on some of the top remaining names, they need to maximize the value of this pick.