Don't be shocked when the Pittsburgh Steelers do these things in the NFL Draft

Jared Hall, Steelers
Jared Hall, Steelers / Chris Gardner/GettyImages
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There will probably be a trade up as long as top prospects slip some

One of the biggest rumors surrounding this organization right now is the potential of trades during the draft. Many have reported that the Steelers will be paying close attention to the top ten selections with a potential trade-up becoming a real possibility. One of the top tackles seems like the top target for the black and gold as night one of the weekend-long festivities gets closer.

Both Paris Johnson Jr. and Broderick Jones are the top two left tackles in this class that you can plug and play on day one. Pittsburgh could covet both prospects and see which one would likely slip more than the other. It could potentially take a trade into the top ten to have a shot at either of these two, but especially Johnson. It could lead to an exciting night as fans should pay close attention to where these two end up.

Tomlin and Khan stayed mum on their specific targets at certain positions in the upcoming class, but tackle seems like the top priority. It has been the most neglected to this point of the offseason as free agency only added a depth tackle in that portion of the offseason.

Unless tackles go off the board much earlier than predicted, the Steelers will be working the phones early and often to try and snag either Johnson or Jones.