Don't be shocked when the Pittsburgh Steelers do these things in the NFL Draft

Jared Hall, Steelers
Jared Hall, Steelers / Chris Gardner/GettyImages
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Pittsburgh will try to add a quarterback in final rounds of the draft

Not many people will think much about a quarterback heading into this draft as the class is front-loaded with talent. After the first four fall off the board, the rest are likely backup candidates for their upcoming professional careers. That is not always the worst thing possible when your club is looking for someone that could develop into a steady backup option in another year.

Mitch Trubisky enters his final season under contract with the Steelers and it seems like it will be his last. Even though some prominent names have floated the idea of keeping Trubisky around, it seems like the player will likely want to look at other alternatives in free agency next year. Adding a quarterback late in the draft with one of the final picks seems like an obvious choice for this team.

Pittsburgh could always gamble and wait until undrafted free agency to sign a rookie or try to lure some veteran onto the team for a cheap deal. Drafting someone to develop behind Kenny Pickett and Trubisky should be the best way to go. Names like Jaren Hall, Clayton Tune, and Stetson Bennett seem to make the most sense leading up to the draft festivities.