Don't be shocked when the Pittsburgh Steelers do these things in the NFL Draft

Jared Hall, Steelers
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Adding to the offensive line is the top target for the Steelers

One of the worst-kept secrets in the NFL has been the infatuation that the Steelers have shown to the top tackles of this class. All four have seen some interest from Pittsburgh but Johnson, Jones, and Darnell Wright seem like the top three on the board for this team. Peter Skoronski has not gotten a lot of attention from this group for one reason or another. The reasoning could be that some see him more as an elite guard in the NFL and not a tackle.

Either way, adding to the tackle spot to upgrade over one of the current starters is the target for the black and gold on night one. If they cannot secure one of the top four names listed above, the first night is likely a failure for this club. They have two obvious needs on both sides of the line, and they need to find a way to upgrade at least one of them, preferably at left tackle.

Center is another need that has gotten a lot of attention from the Steelers during the pre-draft process. Do not rule out a center being a top choice on day two of the draft as there should be plenty of quality prospects still available there.

Mason Cole will be the starter but adding great depth and a future starter at the position would be tremendous. Names like John Michael Schmitz, Luke Wypler, and Joe Tippmann would all be quality pickups on day two.

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