Draft picks Steelers got right and a few they will regret

Steelers had a great draft, but a few alterations could have made it even better.
Roman Wilson, Michigan
Roman Wilson, Michigan / Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK

You won't catch me complaining about the heists the Pittsburgh Steelers were able to pull off in the 2024 NFL Draft. With just seven total picks, Omar Khan and Andy Weidl ran away with four of the top 61 players on the Draft Expert Consensus Board.

Their haul was as impressive as anyone could have envisioned, and it rivaled what Khan did in his first draft as general manager in 2023. But just because we love Pittsburgh's draft on paper doesn't mean that they got every pick right.

There are very few alterations I would make to the Steelers' 2024 draft class, but there were cases to be made for other players at different stages of the draft as well. Here are three draft picks the Steelers got right and two they will regret.

Draft picks Steelers got right

WR Roman Wilson

This one was easy to take to the bank, and it would have been my decision as well. After 10 receivers were selected by the 37th overall pick early in the second round, Pittsburgh's chances of landing a quality receiver in the draft looked grim... that is until Roman Wilson fell into their lap.

The Steelers wasted no time turning in their card for the speed wideout and former Michigan star. Wilson may not be a full-time outside receiver for Pittsburgh, but his ability to win from the slot consistently coupled with an outstanding performance during Senior Bowl week made him a no-brainer selection at pick 84 in Round 3 of the 2024 NFL Draft.

LB Payton Wilson

The value the Steelers received on the Payton Wilson selection was arguably even better. The NC State linebacker isn't as safe due to his extensive injury history that includes ACL tears and shoulder ailments, but he has been healthy for two straight seasons and was arguably the best linebacker in the country over that span.

Wilson's evaluation hinged solely on medicals. If he can avoid major injuries at the next level, he's got star potential. Pittsburgh remarkably landed him with the 98th overall pick -- the perfect spot to take a player with major injury risks but tremendous upside.

OT Troy Fautanu

Troy Fautanu is about as safe as they come when spending a pick on a player in the NFL Draft. Though he came in a bit undersized at just 6'3 3/4'', the former Washington left tackle has outstanding movement skills and athletic traits.

Fautanu has the skill set to be one of the better pass-protectors in the NFL, and if he can't hold up as a tackle, he could make an awesome guard for Pittsburgh. This was a safe decision with quality upside.

Draft picks Steelers will regret

DL Logan Lee

I knew the Pittsburgh Steelers had an interest in Logan Lee during the pre-draft process, yet I still found myself scratching my head at this selection. At 6'5 3/'8'' and just 281 pounds with short arms, Lee has an awkward build and is stuck between an edge defender and an interior defensive lineman in a bad way.

The Steelers have already taken stabs on defensive linemen who lacked a true position in years past with players like Isaiahh Loudermilk (6'6 3/8'', 274 pounds) and DeMarin Leal (6'3 7/8'', 283 pounds). Somehow, this doesn't deter them from throwing more darts at the wall and seeing if one sticks.

I wasn't a big fan of Logan Lee's tape, and many NFL Draft analysts had a priority free-agent grade on him. Doubling up at wide receiver with a player like Johnny Wilson or Brenden Rice would have made more sense. The Steelers also could have taken a stab at a slot cornerback at this stage of the draft.

C Zach Frazier

Don't get me wrong; I was completely on board with the Pittsburgh Steelers' decision to take Zach Frazier in the second round. Frazier was the 47th overall player on my draft board (36th on the Draft Expert Consensus Board) and the Steelers were able to land a top-3 center at pick 51.

For me, this came down to who was on the board. I had Adonai Mitchell graded significantly higher as a prospect (28th overall player), and the Steelers also had a major need at wide receiver. If Mitchell turns out to be as good as advertised, his impact will likely be greater than what Frazier will offer the Steelers.

I'm still a fan of the Zach Frazier pick in the second round, but the Steelers may regret their choice if AD Mitchell turns out to be a stud in the NFL.