Every first-round pick in Pittsburgh Steelers history

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The 2000s kick off a decade of strong draft selections in round one

2000 (Pick 8): Plexico Burress (WR), Michigan State

Starting off the new decade strong here with the selection of Plexico Burress. He was a big playmaker for the offense during the early 2000s for the Steelers offense. He was a big receiver that had a 13-year career, which included six seasons with the black and gold. Burress was a great start to the new decade for Pittsburgh.

2001 (Pick 19): Casey Hampton (DT), Texas

Taking a nose tackle this early in the draft might be seen as a little too rich nowadays, but it was great value then. Casey Hampton would become one of the best run defenders in Steelers history and help this defense become a consistent group in the 2000s. Hampton would go on to enjoy an 11-year career, all with Pittsburgh, and accumulate two Super Bowl victories.

2002 (Pick 30): Kendall Simmons (OG), Auburn

Adding another strong offensive lineman to the club to help make Jerome Bettis's life a little easier was a top priority. Kendall Simmons was a good get at this point in the first round. He was a solid starter at guard opposite of Faneca. Injuries seemed to end his career early, but he did win two Super Bowls with the Steelers.

2003 (Pick 16): Troy Polamalu (DB), USC

Perhaps one of the best moves by the black and gold this decade was the trade they made to move up in the 2003 NFL draft. They moved up to select Troy Polamalu out of USC, and he became an instant fan favorite. Polamalu would enjoy a Hall of Fame career and is arguably the best safety to ever wear the uniform.

2004 (Pick 11): Ben Roethlisberger (QB), Miami (OH)

One of the best picks in the history of the franchise here as everything went right when they took Ben Roethlisberger in the first round. He was able to slip enough so that the Steelers could take him, and the rest is history. Roethlisberger leads the team records in almost every category for his position and will be a Hall of Famer when he becomes eligible.