Every first-round pick in Pittsburgh Steelers history

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A couple of big moves will alter the Steelers future through these additions

2020: No pick, traded to Miami Dolphins. Received Minkah Fitzpatrick, 2020 fourth round pick, and 2021 seventh round pick. Traded away 2020 first round pick, 2020 fifth round pick, and 2021 sixth round pick.

One of the best trades that Kevin Colbert ever made as Steelers general manager was trading for Minkah Fitzpatrick. It came during a season where the club was playing with two different backup quarterbacks after Ben Roethlisberger was out with a season ending injury. Fitzpatrick has been playing at an elite level since joining Pittsburgh.

2021 (Pick 24): Najee Harris (RB), Alabama

Although you could criticize this pick for being a running back, you can see why the Steelers took Najee Harris. It made sense at the time, but the emergence of Jaylen Warren goes to show why the position is not highly valued in the league anymore. Harris has been a nice addition to the offense, but adding other needs might have been the better route to go.

2022 (Pick 20): Kenny Pickett (QB), Pittsburgh

It is hard to judge a pick after only one season in the NFL upon writing this article. Kenny Pickett is not a top quarterback in the NFL right now, and he has a long way to go before that can be deemed upon him. He showed some promising things during his rookie campaign that should give fans hope. Don't expect Pickett to be a savior heading into year two, but he does provide a sense of hope.

2023 (Pick 14): Broderick Jones (OT), Georgia

Again, the jury is still out on this one as no one can even come close to grading this selection. Broderick Jones fills a need, and he should have a high ceiling as he gets settled into the NFL. Unless he becomes a reliable starter at tackle, this could be a draft bust, especially after the black and gold traded up to pick him.

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