Every first-round pick in Pittsburgh Steelers history

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World War II shook the world of the NFL and slowed down growth

1941: No pick, traded away the third overall pick to the Chicago Bears. Received Billy Patterson. Traded away 1941 frst round pick.

The hope for the Steelers here was that they could get a player that could be their bright future. That logic was nice, but the Steelers made another massive blunder here by acquiring Billy Patterson. He had an abysmal season during his lone year with Pittsburgh before he was out of the league.

1942 (Pick 1): Bill Dudley (RB), Virginia

The Steelers finally got one right here as they picked Bill Dudley first overall in 1942. He only played for the Steelers through roughly three seasons, but that did include an MVP effort in 1946. He was the best talent that the club had seen up to this point in their young history. Dudley was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1966.

1943 (Pick 7): Bill Daley (FB), Minnesota

Another failed draft pick that never showed up to play for Pittsburgh was Bill Daley. He chose to play in the All-American Football Conference instead. He would play for the Brooklyn Dodgers, Miami Seahawks, Chicago Rockets, and New York Yankees during his professional career playing football.

1944 (Pick 10): Johnny Podesto (RB), St. Mary's (CA)

Timing never seemed to work out between Johnny Podesto and his professional football career. He could not play for the Steelers two years after they drafted him because of his military service. He would sign with Pittsburgh after his service concluded but never showed up. Podesto also never showed up to the Chicago Bears after signing with them the season after.

1945 (Pick 2): Paul Duhart (RB), Florida

Paul Duhart has a unique NFL story. He was granted permission to sign with the Green Bay Packers a year before he was drafted by the Steelers. He did not last long in Pittsburgh as the Boston Yanks purchased him after only two games with the club. Duhart would go on to suffer career ending injuries quickly after joining the Yanks.