Every first-round pick in Pittsburgh Steelers history

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The Steelers round out the decade with a majority of draft failures

1946 (Pick 3): Doc Blanchard (FB), Army

We reach another top pick in the NFL draft by Pittsburgh that decided against playing football professionally. He had a bunch of promising talent coming out of Army, but he decided to go another route to make money. Doc Blanchard decided on a military career was better than football and it left the Steelers with another wasted first round pick.

1947 (Pick 5): Hub Bechtol (WR), Texas

A theme has been becoming evident throughout the 1940s for this organization, no one wanted to play for them. They were still the laughingstock of the NFL and there were other leagues competing with them. Hub Bechtol was another wasted pick as he decided to play for the Baltimore Colts of the All-American Football Conference rather than the NFL.

1948 (Pick 9): Dan Edwards (WR), Georgia

Just like the year prior, the All-American Football Conference stole the Steelers first round pick again. Dan Edwards was a talented player and decided to join the Brooklyn Dodgers of the NFL's competing league. Just too many wasted picks in the first round to even have a shot at turning the ship around in the right direction for the franchise.

1949 (Pick 6): Bobby Gage (RB). Clemson

Finally, Pittsburgh got a player that they chose in the first round of the draft to join their club. Bobby Gage held an NFL record for longest run by yardage at 97 that resulted in a touchdown. That is still the longest in Steelers history. Gage would retire after only two seasons to focus on family life and continue his professional career elsewhere.

1950 (Pick 8): Lynn Chandnois (RB), Michigan State

Probably the best selection out of any of the first-round picks in this chunk of time of roughly five years. Lynn Chandnois was an effective running back for the Steelers and used his skillset both running and catching the ball. Chandnois had two Pro Bowl seasons before he retired after seven seasons in Pittsburgh.