Every first-round pick in Pittsburgh Steelers history

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Steelers build a dynasty and add role players with their top draft choices

1975 (Pick 26): Dave Brown (DB), Michigan

Dave Brown was a big-time player during his collegiate days at Michigan. He never started for the Steelers during his only season with Pittsburgh, but he did win a Super Bowl with them. Brown would be selected by the Seattle Seahawks in the NFL expansion draft and went on to have a long and successful career in the league.

1976 (Pick 28): Bennie Cunningham (TE), Clemson

Adding some talent to the offense is something the Steelers were looking to accomplish to their Super Bowl rosters. They did that by adding Bennie Cunningham to round out the first round of the draft. He had a respectable career that saw him win two Super Bowls with the club, but he played in the wrong era for tight ends when it came to their usage in the passing game.

1977 (Pick 21): Robin Cole (LB). New Mexico

Perhaps the draft choice with the biggest shoes to fill entering the league was Robin Cole. He had to become the started after Andy Russell decided to retire. He became the starter and filled in perfectly. Cole would have a long career in the NFL, with most of his years in the black and gold uniform.

1978 (Pick 22): Ron Johnson (DB), Eastern Michigan

Ron Johnson is someone that is not remembered much with the 1970s dynasty teams. He started at cornerback for multiple seasons for the Steelers where he was able to provide quality snaps. Johnson won two Super Bowls with the club before he retired after seven seasons in the NFL.

1979 (Pick 28): Greg Hawthorne (RB), Baylor

Probably the least effective pick in this portion of the 70s was Greg Hawthorne. The Steelers seemed to want someone that could replace an aging stable of running backs, but that failed. Hawthorne would not have much success in the NFL, but he did stick around the league for nine years between the Steelers and two other franchises.