Former Steelers player is making a case to sign a Pittsburgh Maulers defensive star

Pittsburgh Maulers v Philadelphia Stars
Pittsburgh Maulers v Philadelphia Stars / Emilee Chinn/USFL/GettyImages
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Vince Williams is pushing for the Steelers to sign a Maulers defensive star

One of the best linebackers in recent history for the Steelers was Vince Williams. He might have been given too many responsibilities before he retired, but that's because there were very few options that could take that role. One thing that Williams was never shy of was presenting his own thoughts and opinions on certain situations.

He continued that this past weekend as he tuned into the USFL championship game like many other spectators that were curious. The Maulers might have lost, but there was a certain player that popped off the screen at him. The Mauler Reuben Foster is a former first-round pick and has a lot of experience in the NFL.

There is no reason to believe that Williams has any sort of inside information in terms of the Steelers talent acquisition. They could still be active in free agency between now and the start of the regular season. Williams tweeted out, "Yeah, he's (Foster) going to end up playing for the other Pittsburgh team." It would make some sense.

Williams noticed the physical style of play that Foster represented on the Maulers defense during that championship contest. This does not mean that he would become an instant starter over the current talent on the roster. It could pose to be an interesting option for the Steelers if they dip into the USFL talent.