Former Steelers who could return if injuries become an issue

The Steelers could make a call to these former members of the team if injuries become an issue this preseason.
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There is a lot that could happen between now and the conclusion of the preseason for Pittsburgh. Many of the players who enter training camp rarely get out of it unscathed. It seems like every year the Steelers have a player or two who get injured to a certain extent. This could mean a late addition or two via free agency could still be in play.

The black and gold could keep a couple of these former members of the Steelers on speed dial in case they needed them to fill in for a recently injured player. Let's not speak any of these potential injury options into existence, but this article will discuss about different possibilities. If these former members of the Steelers remain free agents in these scenarios, then they could return.

Pittsburgh could have Mason Cole return if they lose a Center

Many might scoff at the thought of bringing back Mason Cole, but it is possible. Heaven forbid that Zach Frazier get a bad injury in the preseason, but that would leave Nate Herbig as the only starting option at center. Mark Kaboly has mentioned a handful of times this offseason that a potential reunion between the Steelers and Cole could make sense.

It would likely mean either Frazier or Herbig got an injury that would leave them out for a prolonged time. Cole remains a free agent upon writing this article, and time is working against him. He would provide an option Pittsburgh is familiar with and someone who is respected in the locker room. It would downgrade the center spot, but it would bring some familiarity back in an emergency situation.

Patrick Peterson remains in conversations to return with the Steelers

One of the more notable names who remain in free agency is none other than Patrick Peterson. He went into last year as an expected veteran presence for the Steelers who could be reliable. Sadly, it seems like Father Time has started to catch up to Peterson. Most of the NFL has seemed to notice that as well and he remains a free agent just a couple of months before training camp.

Peterson has been rumored to potentially return to the Steelers around the draft. That never materialized and his future is still up in the air. He seems ready to play football this year, he just needs to find a landing spot. He remains an option for the black and gold, especially in the slot or a depth choice on defense. Injury or not, Peterson could be a late addition for the Steelers if they want to go that route.

Adding someone like Kwon Alexander in Free Agency would wise

If you pay attention to social media, you will have seen Kwon Alexander back on a football field holding workouts for himself. That is big news as the former member of the Steelers works his way back from a season-ending injury. He was a late addition in free agency last season during the middle of training camp. He could be a potential option to return.

Both Patrick Queen and Payton Wilson will command playing time and Elandon Roberts will hold a prominent role too. Those behind them are not too guaranteed a spot, and with Cole Holcomb struggling to return from his season-ending injury last year, Alexander could make sense to return to the black and gold if his injury is fully healed.

Markus Golden remains a free agent option for the Steelers

Injury or not, Markus Golden should be getting calls from Pittsburgh about a return. He won't wow anyone with his stats anymore, but he provides starting experience and quality depth to a defense. Nick Herbig will leap into the coveted third outside linebacker role on defense this year. Those behind the top three on the depth chart are inexperienced.

Golden is someone who could fit into the fourth edge rusher spot behind T.J. Watt, Alex Highsmith, and Herbig. We know he is a smart player who has proven to be quality depth for the team in the past. With training camp around the corner, Golden might want to sign with a team soon. We know the Steelers have investigated different options in free agency recently, so they seem primed to add someone else to this position soon.

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