Free Agency deals Steelers should regret missing out on

Kansas City Chiefs offensive tackle Orlando Brown Jr. (57)
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Steelers missed out on Dean Lowry

The Steelers had an obvious need at defensive end with starter Larry Ogunjobi. While he was a decent starter, Ogunjobi didn’t look like the dynamic defender many hoped the Steelers had signed in the offseason. Instead of letting him walk, he got a 3-year deal worth over 9.5 million a season. While the deal is easy to get out of, I still believe it is an overpay.

Instead, the team could have landed Dean Lowry. While not as flashy of a player, Lowry is a capable and dependable starter. He plays the run well and can generate some pressure with his power moves. While he doesn’t have the highs of Ogunjobi, he is more consistent and has a far cheaper deal with an average salary of only 4.25 million a season.

While I do believe Ogunjobi is a better overall player, especially in terms of pass rush, he doesn’t fix the Steelers need at end entirely. Assuming the team looks to draft a long-term end replacement, I would have rather had the cheaper option that can still start in a pinch. To me, Lowry’s deal just makes more sense for the Steelers.