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Cleveland Browns defensive back John Johnson
Cleveland Browns defensive back John Johnson / Kareem Elgazzar-USA TODAY Sports
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Steelers could sign John Wolford

Similar to running back, the quarterback position is also two deep, as the Steelers have Kenny Pickett set to start with an experienced Mitchell Trubisky behind him. A third quarterback isn’t the most vital position, but with new rules as to how that player will not accommodate a roster spot on gameday, this team would benefit from having another capable backup.

John Wolford has started a handful of games for the Rams over the past few seasons. He is consistent when on the field, taking what a defense gives him and being conservative with the ball. He won’t directly win you any games given his lacking traits, but he can manage a few games a season and not completely fold under pressure.

Wolford will likely come in for cheap and can fill out the remainder of the Steelers quarterback room. He would provide the team with four capable arms and battle it out with undrafted rookie Tanner Morgan during the preseason. The team needs another experienced arm out there, and he makes sense as a potential fit.