From Gridiron to Olympics: Assembling an NFL flag football dream team for 2028

2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games, Steelers
2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games, Steelers / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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Quarterback could have various options by the time 2028 rolls around

Quarterback in flag football is something totally different than what those in the NFL are used to. The players throw the ball, so they need accuracy. They also need to be able to move their feet to escape pressure, but they are not allowed to run with the football. So, you need someone quick and elusive to dodge tackles, but also be smart and accurate enough with the ball in their hands.

The obvious choice here is Patrick Mahomes even though he will be 32 years old and nearing 33 that upcoming September in 2028. He should still be in his prime during that portion of his career and that means he should bring all the qualities that this team needs. Mahomes is a game changer and has all the tools that should transition over to flag football well.

Lamar Jackson is another option that makes the list here. He would be a freak in a flag football environment if he could find ways of running with the ball. Jackson would be tremendous with dodging the rusher and extending plays when needed. The biggest issue is that this version of the sport needs passing accuracy and Jackson has not been the strongest in the regard during his career.

Another option that is currently not in the NFL right now but will likely be a perfect fit is Caleb Williams. He is going to be a top draft choice in the upcoming event and has all the tools to transition over to flag football brilliantly. He can escape and has the arm accuracy to lead Team USA to a gold medal in the 2028 Summer Games.