From Gridiron to Olympics: Assembling an NFL flag football dream team for 2028

2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games, Steelers
2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games, Steelers / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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Team USA will need a shifty running back for the summer Olympics

Running back can either play as a receiver or get a handoff in this version of football. It is a position that requires the player to be shifty and have speed. Team USA will need someone to have the ability to carry the ball but also be an effective catching option. There are plenty of running backs that could make a lot of sense.

Christian McCaffery is the obvious choice here as many in the NFL hold the opinion that he is the best running back in football. His game would transition well to flag football, but the biggest issue with McCaffery for the Olympics could be his age. When the Olympics finally come around, McCaffery will be 33 years old, which isn't an ideal age for a running back.

It is possible that the running back for Team USA isn't even in the NFL with how short a shelf life the position has in the league right now. One young runner that makes sense is Bijan Robinson as he has everything you need in a running back. He would be a great pick and would still be in his prime when the games in LA hit in another five years.

Another young back who is bursting on the scene in the NFL this season has been De'Von Achane. He is fast and even puts some fast guys in the Dolphins organization on notice. He could be an interesting choice and would still be in his prime years by 2028. Might be too soon because of his limited experience, but he has all the tools right now to play for Team USA.