From Gridiron to Olympics: Assembling an NFL flag football dream team for 2028

2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games, Steelers
2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games, Steelers / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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Plenty of NFL star power could fuel Team USA to gold by themselves

Wide receivers basically have the exact same function in flag football as they do in flag football. The biggest thing in this version of the sport is speed and the ability to cause separation. That is what Team USA will have to focus on when they build this roster. Tyreek Hill misses out as he will be roughly 34 years old by the time the Olympics roll around so his speed could be on the decline.

Starting off strong here with Justin Jefferson as he remains a top two or three receiver in the NFL. He continues to be one of the best at getting open and using his hands to secure the ball. It is hard to imagine Jefferson going up against some other player from another country that has little speed to match.

Adding Jefferson's former teammate from LSU Ja'Marr Chase here. He has been historically one of the best in the history of the league during the early part of his career. Chase will only be 28 years old by the time the Olympics come around and he actually got to try some flag football during this past Pro Bowl, just like Jefferson did.

Another option in mind in terms of potential future NFL stars is Marvin Harrison Jr. He will be heading into the draft this season and many hold him in high regard like Chase was coming out of LSU. Harrison Jr. is one of the best overall receiver prospects coming out of college in years. He should have a tremendous NFL career and that should be a help on Team USA.