From Gridiron to Olympics: Assembling an NFL flag football dream team for 2028

2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games, Steelers
2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games, Steelers / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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Flag football demands speed and the defensive backs possess that

Defensive back is another position that is very much like cornerback in the NFL. They are the first defenders that will try and guard the receivers that are deployed around them. There are plenty of corners that can defend in the NFL, but they will need guys that have quick twitches and speed. There are plenty capable now and in the future to take these spots.

Sauce Gardner of the Jets comes off as an obvious choice as he is coming off his rookie of the year campaign. He has been one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL since joining the league a year ago and he will be in his prime in five years. He has the length and speed to cover anyone who comes his way and should be able to turnover that ball too.

Tariq Woolen is another name that is young still and could be a great option for Team USA in another five years. One thing that Woolen has plenty of is speed. He can cover receiver in the NFL, so it is likely that he can take care of any receiver in a flag football game. One thing that will need to be tested is if these corners can grab flags.

Devon Witherspoon is another young cornerback that could make a lot of sense. Not only do these players need speed but they also need to have a lot of endurance with a ton of field to cover with the play being against five offensive players. Witherspoon has all the physical traits that should transition well over to the flag football game.