The good, the bad and the ugly of Steelers mind-numbing loss to Browns

  • Jaylen Warren's 74-yard touchdown run was magical
  • The Steelers offense stinks
  • Kenny Pickett is regressing
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The Ugly: Everything about Kenny Pickett's performance

In start number 22, Kenny Pickett looked his absolute worst. Without a game-winning drive to take the focus off of his poor performance the first three quarters, Pickett's supporters are running out of reasons to stand behind him.

From the first play, which should have been a safety, Pickett looked rattled and gave a glimpse of how he would see the field Sunday. He didn't see it well, once again honing in on pre-snap decisions, that while safe, don't produce a desirable outcome.

Going back to his miscommunications with Diontae Johnson, it's on both players to correct, but the large portion of the failings seems squarely to blame on Pickett. He's sailing throws to his No. 1 target consistently this late in the season. With so few plays designed for Johnson, or any playmaker, Pickett has to be more accurate.

Pickett only ate three sacks, but arguably the worst was had was on a third and two in the second quarter.

Why does Pickett spin to his left on this play? It's because he looked at the rush, saw Myles Garrett falling in front of him, and thought he could escape, but the fact is that Pickett has space to climb up in the pocket. Make no mistake, both tackles got beat on the play, but Pickett is too far along in playing experience over the course of his football career to not know how to avoid this situation.

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Pickett looked as though he was regressing in this game, which is a bad sign for the Steelers. In frustrations of the loss, fans are calling for Pickett to be replaced sooner or later. While they may be justified, so many problems with this team exist before they even get to him. But his lack of execution in a winnable game is prime real estate for any and all detractors.