The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Steelers Week 3 win over Browns

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers
Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers / Joe Sargent/GettyImages
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The Good: George Pickens Dominates When Given the Chance

When Kenny Pickett could get the ball to George Pickens, he was lethal.

Pickett did try to hit Pickens on the early interception. Inexplicably, Pickens was only targeted one more time before his 71-yard touchdown. After that, the lightbulb seemingly came on for Matt Canada and Kenny Pickett.

Once Pickens became a focal point in the Steelers' offense, things started to click just a bit better. Granted, the Steelers' offensive line made it difficult for the Steelers to create a more comfortable rhythm, but Pickens took advantage of his opportunities when they were within reach.

The Steelers offense is still trying to get its bearings. While there is still clearly a ways to go to meet the established expectations from the end of last year and the preseason, Pickens took it upon himself to be dynamic, and it made a difference.

Pickens finished with four receptions for 127 yards on 10 targets. Not nearly enough of those targets were on target, and as the game progressed he wasn't given many more opportunities.