Grade the Trade: Steelers pay a desperate price to acquire star WR in mock trade

A mock trade has the Steelers paying an expensive price to land a star receiver from the 49ers. It does fix their issues at receiver.
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Brandon Aiyuk has been in trade rumors since this past offseason started. It seems like these trade rumors heat up in waves. He wants a contract extension, but the 49ers only have so much money to work with. They have plenty of other players they will need to pay within the next couple of years, so Aiyuk might not be in their plans.

If San Francisco and their star receiver can't find a resolution, then Aiyuk could find himself traded out of town, and Cody Benjamin of CBS Sports listed the Steelers as one potential landing spot.

One destination mentioned routinely with Aiyuk has been the Steelers. It has been long rumored for months that Pittsburgh has trade interest in the star receiver. It was even mentioned they could express interest in his 49ers teammate Deebo Samuel at a certain time. A lot of things would still have to develop, but trade rumors flared up again this week.

A video call of Aiyuk and Jayden Daniels, his college teammate was posted on social media. Aiyuk could be heard saying, "(they) don't want me back."

His potential landing with the Steelers makes sense as it could create a formidable tandem between him and George Pickens. It could cost a lot of assets to get him, plus don't forget about the massive contract he will demand. That could put Pickens's future in Pittsburgh on ice. Aiyuk is a fantastic player and someone the team should consider trading for if the opportunity presents itself.

Grade the Trade: Steelers acquire Brandon Aiyuk to bolster WR spot

Pitt 49ers

B/R Gridiron listed four different trade proposals from four different teams in one of their recent posts surrounding Aiyuk.

We know if he is available, his trade market should be nothing short of lucrative. Teams around the NFL are always looking for top receivers to create a dynamic offense. The Steelers were one of the top teams listed, and the trade proposal they came up with provided a hefty price. They would need to have a contract extension put in place before a deal is finalized in this scenario.

Not only do the Steelers have to give up their first-round pick in this upcoming draft, but they also have to send Darnell Washington the other way.

Giving up a first-round pick might seem like a tall order, but the Steelers have not shied away from doing so to acquire a star player before. That isn't where the main issue lies with this trade proposal, as the club would also have to send a roster player back. Washington is expected to play a big part in the offense led by Arthur Smith this season.

For the most part, this mock trade is a fair deal for both the Steelers and 49ers.

Pittsburgh can fix their starting receiver problems by acquiring Aiyuk and placing him opposite of Pickens. The 49ers not only get a first-round pick to replace Aiyuk in the upcoming draft, but they also get a quality blocking tight end. The Steelers would prefer to just give up the pick in this scenario, but if this became reality most fans wouldn't be throwing a fit.

Grade: B

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